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Game Project Management

I know games in and out, and how to make them. Engines, best practices, bottlenecks, I’ve been through most of them managing teams ranging from 2 to 30 people.

Game Design

Most people just start making the games without thinking about them. This ends up with sticked together code and features and a lot of unbalance.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain is a new technology that most people still aren’t familiar with but that is being integrated more and more in games. Knowing most of the key players allows me to help.

Community Engagement

Getting, Organizing and Engaging a community is as much of a challenge as making the games themselves. Ideas and execution are the only two things that matter to them.

Feedback from my clients

I've personally worked alongside S├ębastien throughout various departments within the same company. He was hardworking, goal-oriented, and highly organized. S├ębastien was an individual I knew I could both rely and count on in any situation. He was always willing to offer support, even if they weren't in his main areas of expertise. He was a very valuable asset to the team.
Brittany Zepernick
Director Project Management at Onessus
Sebastien provides very professional work and is easy and great to work with !
Piotr Karbowski
CEO at CreativeForge Games
Seb has been an incredible asset to my video game project, Avalon. His management, advice, support and dedication have played a crucial role in the game's success.
Marius Kalamala
CEO and Founder of Danu Games

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